Ken North has written columns for leading tech publications and contributed articles to dozens of trade journals and magazines. He was a contributing editor for Dr. Dobb's (United Business Media), Web Techniques (CMP Media) and Internet Computing (Ziff-Davis). Ken wrote a guru blog for Dr. Dobb's and was editor of the Summit knowledge portals: SQLSummit, WebServicesSummit and GridSummit.

Ken's articles have appeared in Information Week, IBM Data Management, Business Integration Journal, Byte, Database Trends & Applications, DB2, DBMS, Dr. Dobb's, IBM Database, Intelligent Enterprise, Internet Computing, Java Pro, Network Computing, Software Development, SQL Server, PC Techniques, PC Week, R:Connections, Smart Access, SearchDatabase, The Data Administration Newsletter, Web Techniques, Windows NT, Windows NT Systems, Windows Tech Journal, XML, XML Journal, ZD Internet and other publications.


This article (Adobe PDF) discusses the characteristics of industrial-strength middleware for database access.



This article (Adobe PDF) discusses using SQL as an integration technology and how it complements integration frameworks.


This article (Adobe PDF) discusses support for XML data in DB2 9, which integrates SQL/XML using a hybrid storage engine.


This article (Adobe PDF) discusses databases for cloud computing.